Bond PR & Brand Strategy

Public Relations Capabilities

Media Relations

  • Develop key messages
  • Train spokespersons
  • Develop and maintain media database
  • Develop written materials
  • Arrange one-on-one media introductions
  • Draft and distribute news releases
  • Draft and distribute available-to-comment advisories
  • Identify and place byline articles / op-ed pieces
  • Develop and pitch newsworthy story ideas
  • Monitor media for emerging issues and trends

Community Relations

  • Develop and implement community relations strategies
  • Plan outreach strategy to community opinion-leaders
  • Identify opportunities within the professional and business communities
  • Identify "cause-related" opportunities

B2B Communications

  • Competitive and industry research, analysis and intelligence
  • Develop and execute B2B communications programs
  • Develop and execute thought-leadership positioning strategies
  • Identify and negotiate speaking opportunities at conferences, events and trade shows

Crisis Communications / Reputation Management

  • Provide crisis vulnerability assessment
  • Develop internal and external crisis communications plan
  • Provide on-site media response and management
  • Train key personnel to effectively communicate with internal and external constituencies
  • Provide 24 hour communications support

Government Relations / Public Affairs 

  • Develop and implement government relations strategies
  • Monitor and analyze political climates – municipal, legislature, regulatory, etc.
  • Maintain timely databases of key political leaders to track communication, opinion, etc.
  • Arrange introductions, meetings, calls, etc. with key political leaders and their staff
  • Attend appropriate political events / host events of strategic partners in government
  • Cultivate open, responsive and productive relationships with key political leaders and staffers

Internal Communications

  • Provide internal communications assessment
  • Develop and implement internal communications strategies
  • Create and produce internal newsletter
  • Develop case studies of best practice approaches